• Multifunction Printer (MFP)Panasonic has a wide range of products including motor control IC, communication device and human interface device for a multifunction printer and provides a suitable solutions for it.
  • PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)PLC is the heart of the factory control network which accurately monitors and controls various industrial equipments.Panasonic provides a wide range of products including control MCU, communication devices, human interface devices and power supply devices for PLC so that it can work flexibly in various situations.
  • Electric ToolsMain stream electric power tool is portable and compact wireless charger type.Panasonic offers the devices suitable for electric power tool, the devices for safe operation and the solutions achieving longer battery life.
  • Power ConditionerPower conditioner is a system which rectify a solar-generated electricity and the electricity generated by household fuel cell into home use electricity. Panasonic offers the control devices including inverter control MCU and power devices to improve the efficiency of the equipment.
  • 3D Printer3D printer enables the user to make 3D shape with ready-to-use materials as well as making 3D model .Panasonic offers a wide range of products such as control Microcomputers,motor driver IC,communication device and power supply system to 3D printer.
  • RobotIn order to resolve manpower shortages, the introduction of robots capable of communicating with people and working 24-7 has begun. Panasonic makes autonomous delivery robots used in a medical setting and offers solutions corresponding to customer needs, including system and motor control units, batteries, and cameras.