Image Sensors for Broadcasting and Digital Still Camera


Panasonic provides image sensors which meet the needs for the broadcasting/DSLR camera markets.
SmartFSI® technology developed by Panasonic realizes high sensitivity,
low noise and high color reproducibility.



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Smart FSI

Key benefits

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Panasonic's Image sensor


High sensitivity & low noise
~Clear images under low illuminance~

SmartFSI® realizes high sensitivity by maximizing the amount of light captured in the photodiode efficiently.
Clear images can be achieved without noise under low illuminance.

Night scene

Conventional sensors

Conventional sensors

Panasonic's sensors

Panasonic's sensors

Images can be brightened
in low illuminance by increasing the gain,
however, pixel noise(*) is present.

Noise is not noticeable as images
are captured
without increasing the gain.

Night driving

Conventional sensors

Conventional sensors

Panasonic's sensors

Panasonic's sensors

Cyclists are not visible because
the head lights don't illuminate
them at this distance.

Even though the head light doesn't
illuminate the cyclists they are still
visible due to our high sensitivity.

* pixel noise: white defect, dark current


High color reproducibility
~Uniformed images~

Light guide technology of SmartFSI® realizes high color reproducibility.
Reducing color mixture to prevent color non uniformity on the edge of images.

Conventional sensors

Conventional sensors

Panasonic's sensors

Panasonic's sensors

Color non uniformity
on the edge of the image.

Color uniformity across the
entire image.


Supports WDR-mode
~Bright images in backlight conditions~

Up to four frames required for WDR (wide dynamic range) can be output with Line-by-Line method.
Wide dynamic range enables clear images to be captured with backlight.


Conventional sensors

Conventional sensors

When the indoor scene is
focused the outdoor
scene becomes too bright.

Panasonic's sensors

Panasonic's sensors

Utilizing WDR enables images to be
captured clearly in backlight conditions.

Conventional sensors

When the outdoor scene
is focused the indoor
scene becomes too dark.


~Capture the moment~

Supporting up to 120 fps output to reduce blur when capturing images of fast moving objects.

Fast moving objects

Conventional sensors

Panasonic's sensors

Conventional sensors
Panasonic's sensors

Blur is noticeable.

Blur is minimized.


High sensitivity for NIR (near infrared light)
~Detecting invisible objects~

By utilizing the high sensitivity for near infrared light (850nm) it is possible
to detect objects that are not recognized with visible light.

Images of a hand

Visible light

Near infrared light

Visible light
Near infrared light

Detecting the blood vessels
that are not recognized by visible light.


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